At present, these pages are limited to the shorter pieces (fiction, poetry) that I’ve sold. As more content becomes available, or as I diversify with novels, serials, Patreon content and so forth, I’ll keep this up to date.

Each page contains a list (reverse chronological order by date of initial publication) of all pieces. I’ll update links on an “as I’ve got the time, or important news” basis.


I write a blend of “heartwarming and weird” speculative fiction; and as a student of several literary genres, there are a number of voice, POV, and framing experiments in the mix.

While I don’t usually write “sequel” stories, some of my fiction is set in a common batch of settings:

  • “An Acceptable Risk to the Portfolio” and “The En Croute Job” are set a faraway Galaxy that leans heavy on absurdist humor;
  • “Heartbeat of the Season” and “When the Salt Burns Green” are in a much larger fantasy world, yet unnamed.


My poetry (often in received forms, because I love being creative in or around constraints) occupies a spot between speculative and literary. The themes are usually “coffee,” “time,” or “computers behaving badly.”

Make of that what you will.