I’d prefer not to. (The Scrivening.)

In my years as a writer, I’ve written stories and novels on: Construction paper Notebook paper Post-it notes and index cards X386 spreadsheets DOS word processing programs Notepad and Wordpad Raw HTML (see Notepad) Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Apple Pages But my Twitter feed remains agog with tools like Scrivener and similar — programs designed for … More I’d prefer not to. (The Scrivening.)

The Infinite Canvas

The internet had seemed to convey such possibility, from an artistic perspective. Bear in mind that I came of age in the 1990s, when the internet was a half-formed thing.  Blogging platforms didn’t exist; instead, we had to carve out virtual homesteads by hand with crude HTML and ‘Under Construction’ GIFs.  It was a big … More The Infinite Canvas