November goes in circles

First, some news: A new poem, “The Opposite of Time,” will be appearing in the inaugural issue of Haven Speculative. This one’s a personal favorite (a sonnet about time travel), and I’m looking forward to seeing it appear. The rest of the magazine looks pretty fantastic, too, so definitely check it out–should be available this … More November goes in circles

May News: New story coming, and a second helping

Hey all–hope you’re all doing well. We’ve been keeping busy here, as best we can, and in the interest of sharing new news (or, at least, news as I have it): I’ve sold a story, “Thirty-Three Kilometers from Kiev,” to Cossmass Infinities! This will be in a forthcoming issue of that magazine. I don’t have … More May News: New story coming, and a second helping

Poetry news!

I’ve been a bit lax in keeping this page up to date, but here we go: My poem, “Upon the Climbing of a Topless Tower,” appeared in Silver Blade in August. It’s a villanelle (so, 19 lines)–but don’t think poorly of it, please. My poem, “That is not what I meant at all,” is part … More Poetry news!