Out now: “Been Riding With a Ghost”; also, Nebulas

It’s official — I’ve made it to Analog. “Been Riding With a Ghost,” my deep-space Appalachian trail story, is now included in the current issue. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I’m proud of it even outside of the publication context — I think it hits a weird sweet spot for who I try to be as an author. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Unrelated, I’ll be on a panel for the 2023 SFWA Nebula Conference! I won’t be physically on-site, but in these fascinating modern times, I’m glad to have the opportunity to keep talking remotely. I’m in the very first session of the conference, “Writing a Moving Target: AI for the Bewildered,” which will delve into the horrors of trying to write about The Future when The Future doesn’t stay in line and keeps moving into The Past.

2023 Nebula Conference -- JOIN MY PANEL!  "Writing a Moving Target: AI for the Bewildered."  May 12, 1:00pm Pacific.

As a technologist by trade, and as someone whose most well-received story deals with a smart speaker accomplishing a task over one thousand years, I Have Thoughts About All This. If you’re attending the Nebulas, I hope you stop by. (Even if Charlie Jane Anders is speaking in the same time slot!)

Speaking of that story (and the future), we can expect to see the following from me in the coming months:

  • My story, “When the Salt Burns Green,” has been anthologized into the ZNB Presents: Year 1 collection, now available for preorder!
  • Cast of Wonders will be doing the audio version of “Foster-Child of Silence and Slow Time,” which thrills me. More on this soon.
  • Bards & Sages Quarterly will be reprinting an older story of mine, “Techniques for Folding Time and Space to Fit Into Your Nightstand,” and I’ll be glad to have it exist in the universe again!
  • Poems are a bit sparse at the moment, but you’ll see a few pop up here and there as schedules are finalized.

More news as I have it. In the meantime: be well, stay safe, read often.



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