Out now: “In Lieu of Natural Habitats”

In keeping with annual tradition, any vows I might have made about updating this space in a timely fashion appear to have fallen by the wayside. However! I’m here, safe and sound in 2023, and I bring news:

A flash story of mine, “In Lieu of Natural Habitats,” is now available at Translunar Travelers Lounge! You can find it here: https://translunartravelerslounge.com/2023/02/15/in-lieu-of-natural-habitats-by-brian-hugenbruch/

(Naturally, you should read the entire magazine from cover to cover; there are some excellent stories in there.)

In keeping with last year’s trend of genre-bending and genre-mashing, this is a small slice-of-life story, set up with hard science fiction tropes, that also has a mermaid. I regret to inform anyone who’s been getting dizzy with all the genre ping-pong that this trend is likely to continue through 2023. (Sorry not sorry.)

As always, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’re doing well, dear reader. Until I scramble to update after forgetting my homepage exists next time, take care.


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