Out now: “The En Croute Job”

Hexagon Issue 10 debuted to subscribers in mid-August, and it’s free to read now — which means my Food52-inspired sci-fi heist story is now live for you to enjoy!

(If my sense of humor is the sort of thing that sparks joy, that is!)

Folks ask sometimes why I write humor so rarely; this is the first story since “Portfolio” that’s really funny-forward. And the truth is complicated. Part of it is that the past few years have not been times of joy, which makes it tough to summon that energy.

And of course, finding editors who like my sense of humor takes some doing. (There are funnier stories I’ve written that have been trunked.)

Ultimately, I think writing humor is the hardest thing we can do. Joy is subjective; misery is usually not. And humor needs not only to be a good story (a hard enough task on its own) but needs to have enough jokes at enough layers that even if several jokes don’t land, a few others can pick up the slack.

(Or, if they all fail, then it was still a good story.)

Did I succeed? I’ll let you be the judge. Either way, I hope you enjoy the story.



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