New story at a new magazine, next month

I’m happy to announce that my story, “When the Salt Burns Green,” will be appearing at a new magazine next month! ZNB Presents is a new monthly magazine run by the fine folks at Zombies Need Brains. Their first “issue” debuts on their Patreon at the beginning of July — and my story will be the first one out of the gate.

The story was originally pitched as part of their Noir anthology; it’s a secondary-world fantasy murder mystery, set in the same world as my previous story, “Heartbeat of the Seasons” (over at Metaphorosis). I’m looking forward to seeing it go live, and I hope you enjoy it!

The thought of being a magazine’s “very first story” is mildly terrifying–but the list of authors already slated to follow is an impressive one. I think the magazine will get off to a fantastic start. And, as it happens, there will be an open call for stories the week my story goes live; it’s a very welcome thing to see, a new market coming in when so many others have faltered of late.

Links to follow once this story (and a few more stories and poems, in the works) are available. Until then — take care, stay safe, and talk to you soon.

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