2022 Update: Old Story, New Story, Four Poems, Soon Story

As usual, my thinking that I’d keep this space up to date has failed me. Alas. But I’m back, and I bring word of words with me:

  • My story, “An Acceptable Risk to the Portfolio,” is now available in Etherea Magazine Issue #8! This was my first pro sale, to the ZNB anthology The Razor’s Edge, and I’m delighted to see it wandering the world again. You can find the issue (with some fantastic interior art) over at their website: https://ethereamagazine.com/product/etherea-magazine-8/
  • My most recent story, “Heartbeat of the Seasons,” is live and available over at Metaphorosis! This is far and away the longest story I’ve ever written, but I’m rather proud of it. So if secondary-world-fantasy meets time-loop sounds like your jam, head over to https://magazine.metaphorosis.com/story/2022/heartbeat-of-the-seasons-brian-hugenbruch/ to read, or to listen, or buy a digital / dead tree copy of the whole Issue. (It’s worth your while!)

    Also, I shivered a bit when I realized the cover art came from something I wrote.

  • I don’t have precise dates yet, but I have four poems coming out in the next few months: two at Star*Line, one at Abyss & Apex, and one at Kaleidotrope. I was surprised to realize I wrote nearly 1000 lines of poetry last year (an increase of about 620%), and while the poems don’t always splash with the same level of catastrophe as the stories, I have fun writing them and do love when I get to share. Expect another post here as soon as I have links.
  • And finally, per social media… I sold a story to Analog. I don’t know that I can say much about it yet (and I’m unsure as to when one might expect it). Safe for me to assure you it’s heartfelt sci-fi with a fun narrative voice and a bizarre inspiration. You’ll hear a lot more about this

As always — hope anyone reading is doing well and staying safe.


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