Verse and More Verse

October is shaping up to be poetry-specific! While I’ve been posting to social media all this week as new content drops, here’s the official list of what you can expect from me this month, starting with what’s available now:

  • Droplets,” a free-verse poem about alternate dimensions and neon cities, is now available at Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine. This is a personal favorite poem, and I really enjoyed working with Jeff; will definitely submit there again.
  • “A Spell for the Living” is an audio-only poem. I wrote this initially as part of a Halloween-themed collection that fell apart, but I enjoyed this one too much not to let it loose on the world. It’s now online at the Speculative Fiction Poetry Association’s Halloween Poetry Reading. (Note: this one’s a little dark.)
  • “turning and turning” may be my shortest poem–for some reason, Star*Line likes me at my most terse! But Issue 44.4 of that magazine dropped today. I’m not on the free-to-read list, but there’s a lot of great poems in this issue.

And coming soon:

  • We used to skip stones” is the first Golden Shovel I ever wrote. (My second one, “That is not what I meant at all,” was later nominated for a Rhysling Award.) It’s going to be appearing at Liquid Imagination very soon now; it’s a riff on Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan“.
  • Right on its heels will be “Under the Skin,” one of my longest poems… about the moon Europa and drilling through the ice there. It will be in Eye to the Telescope Issue #42, and has an awful lot of iambs in it.
  • And finally, in a bit of a switch-up, I’ll have a poem in a forthcoming issue of Gleam, a literary magazine dedicated to a new form (called the cadralor). I do love to play with form, whether received ones or nonces, so when I found out about this I jumped at the challenge. I appreciate how this one turned out, and I hope you do as well–as soon as it’s ready.

As usual, links can be found on the Writing page as soon as they’re available, and check social media as pertinent–I usually update there far faster than the Bibliography.

Finally, if you’re the sort who prefers fiction to poetry, I’ll be yelling to the rooftops about a story in Diabolical Plots come December. Watch this space.

Take care, stay safe, be kind.


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