May News: New story coming, and a second helping

Hey all–hope you’re all doing well. We’ve been keeping busy here, as best we can, and in the interest of sharing new news (or, at least, news as I have it):

  • I’ve sold a story, “Thirty-Three Kilometers from Kiev,” to Cossmass Infinities! This will be in a forthcoming issue of that magazine. I don’t have specific timetables yet, but I’m excited to add “ghost-hunting thermonuclear love story” to my repertoire.
  • Metastellar Magazine has reprinted “So You Want to Eat an Omnalik Starfish.” If you missed it the first time–and you may well have, January 2020 was a thousand years ago–you can find it at:
  • The fine folks at Departure Mirror asked me a few questions related to my story, “Techniques for Folding Time and Space To Fit Into Your Nightstand.” I can’t decide if I sound like “a nerd” or “a big nerd”… but either way, that interview is up at:

Finally, I’m having a lot of fun reading the 2021 Rhysling anthology. While my predilection toward poetry comes and goes over time, it is nudging me back in the direction of verse. If anything else happens there, I’m sure you’ll be the first I’ll tell.

Take care, stay safe, get vaccinated if medically feasible, wear a mask when appropriate. I’ll be in touch sooner rather than later.

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