Poetry Roundup—Feb 2021

I wrote poetry / with the hope that you would see / it. This is that day.

01 January 2021: my poem “Vineyard before dawn” appeared in Issue 44.1 of Star*Line. The issue will net you dozens of fantastic speculative poems, even beyond Page 34. I highly recommend you check it out.

15 January 2021: another poem, “On brutal wing,” appeared in Issue 13 of Apparition Lit. The Apparition Lit team was fantastic to work with, and their social media efforts are the most fun I’ve had in ages in the writing space.

This poem is now also free to read online, along with an audio recording and a Creator Spotlight. (Achievement Unlocked: First Ever Interview-esque Event.) I strongly encourage you to read this issue cover to cover.

Finally, my “coffee poem” from last year, “That is not what I meant at all,” has been nominated for a Rhysling Award. I didn’t really anticipate recognition for poetry—the medium is me having fun, mostly. But I’m honored and gratified to be considered; and mostly elated to know something I wrote made an impression.

That covers poetry news for a while—one more is on the docket, and fiction news is coming soon. Until then: be safe, stay warm, and keep on reading.


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