2020 Roundup and Awards Post

….well, that was a year that happened, huh?

While it was about as interesting of a time as I ever hope to experience, I can at least say that some words of mine made it successfully from my laptop and into the hands of editors. For your consideration, then, these are they:


Three stories of mine were published in 2020, and are eligible for Nebula and Huho consideration.

So You Want to Eat an Omnalik Starfish

4. Break.  Pick two opposing arms of the starfish, it matters not which.  Exhale through your nose, then snap the starfish in half. If your ear plugs are in, you will survive the resultant scream, though it will ring across the Beach loud enough to make your teeth ache and your sternum rattle. It will feel like the end. […]

Syntax & Salt (January 2020)

“An Elicitation of Thursdays”

She opened her eyes, after a miniature forever, to find herself alongside an unassuming brownstone. The alleyway was barren, devoid even of puddles–the rain stopped just shy of the mouth, as though scared to follow her. She stepped over the half-moon perimeter of dust near the stairs.

As she rested her hand on the metal rail, a ghost of a man in thick furs and translucent skin unfolded from the shadows. He opened his mouth, but no noise followed. […]

Eyedolon (May 2020) from Broken Eye Books

“Foster-Child of Silence and Slow Time”

Izzy glared at the empty space where the Mayor had been, then turned her eyes to the glass figure. “Meet me at the town’s warning bell in an hour. The journey is a day’s ride; I need to secure a wagon. Is that okay?”

He bowed slowly and deeply. “It shall be done, Isabel Mills.”

She had no doubt it would be.


Izzy turned on heel and stared into the rainbow glory of the Oracle.

“Bring the duck.”

My Battery Is Low And It Is Getting Dark (Zombies Need Brains, July 2020)


I published two poems this year. (For award purposes, these would be eligible in the Rhysling Short Poem category.)

And that’s all for me for now! Wishing you all the best over the holiday season, whoever you are and wherever / however you’re celebrating. With luck, we’ll talk again in less interesting times.

Be well, and stay safe.


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