Award Eligibility 2019

First time doing one of these posts, so do bear with me.  (And it’s running a bit later than usual–had to find the input window under the layer of dust that’d accrued here).


I had one eligible Short Story come out this year:  “Or, the Modern Psyche” (published June 2019 by Zombies Need Brains in the anthology ALTERNATE PEACE).  It’s in Hugo, Nebula, or Locus territory.

She came around to the sound of indistinct chatter, as though a small crowd had gathered around a piano in the parlor and begun a debate over the next song to play. They spoke in odd tones about “boots” and “test runs” and “sandboxes.” She frowned. The sensation felt awkward, as though she were trying to move body parts she’d forgotten she had.

She saw a man in a white coat pick up a small stick and place it near his mouth. When he spoke, the words rang through her mind like gospel: “Ada? Can you hear me?”

“Sir,” she answered, “I do not know what manners you claim, but one does not speak so to a lady not of his acquaintance[…]”

I’m also in my second qualifying year for the ‘Astounding Award’ for Best New Writer.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention!

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